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Lorrie Sherwood PT, CSCS
Owner/Director/Physical Therapist

Lorrie graduated from Oakland University in 1986. She has been at North Woodward Rehabilitation since 1989, acquiring ownership interest until 2019 when she became the sole owner. Lorrie has extensive continuing education in manual therapy, including Oakland University OMPT and Michigan State University courses. She is also certified in Kinesiotaping and IASTM through RockTape. Her passion is treating back and pelvic alignment conditions, that chronically plaque athletes (runners, cyclists, golfers, skiers). She also excels in treating post-surgical (shoulders, hips, knees, spine) and many other Orthopaedic conditions! In 2014 Lorrie discovered Foundation Training in which she immediately became a certified Level 1 and Level 2 instructor. She realized how Foundation Training complimented her manual skills and made a huge impact on how quickly patients returned to their normal lives and sports (please refer to FT section for more info)! Lorrie enjoys cycling, running, downhill skiing and spending time with her husband and 2 dogs!

Kristi Bowles MPT, OCS, CSCS
Assistant Director/Physical Therapist

Kristi graduated with her Masters of Physical Therapy from Oakland University. Shortly after graduation she became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as becoming board certified in orthopedic physical therapy. She has been at North Woodward Rehab since 1999, and in private practice for over 25 years. Her specialty area is in treating temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD), and she has taken extensive continuing education courses to further her skills in this area. In addition to treating TMD, Kristi enjoys working with various orthopedic conditions, especially neck and back pain, and postsurgical diagnoses. She looks at the “big picture” when treating patients as often the cause of our problems is not where we feel pain. She finds the most successful approach lies in a combination of manual techniques, specific exercise instruction, patient education and ergonomics. She has comprehensive training in manual therapy utilizing various techniques, and is certified in kinesiotaping, and IASTM. She enjoys walking her dog and spending time doing outdoor activities, gardening, playing French horn in various community groups, yoga, reading and cooking. She is married with three children.

Laura Widdows MPT
Physical Therapist

Laura graduated from Oakland University in 2003 with a Masters of Physical Therapy and has been working at North Woodward Rehabilitation since 2009. Over the years, she has developed a passion for treating knees, namely total knee replacements. Through personal experience with her daughter, she has also developed a special interest in treating and educating scoliosis patients. Laura enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic and post-surgical patients of all ages and abilities. Her goal is to help all of her patients return to an optimal state of strength and mobility, active lifestyle, and/or sport as quickly and safely as possible. She feels patient education and ergonomic training is essential to all. Laura is married to a teacher and coach and has 2 children, both of which are actively involved in travel sports. This doesn’t allow for much free time, but does keep her actively involved in treating athletes.

Regina Gallacher PT
Physical Therapist

Regina graduated from Oakland University with her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She has been practicing at North Woodward Rehabilitation science 2002, and in Orthopaedic private practice for over 30 years. Her area of interest lies in treating conditions of the upper body, more specifically the cervical spine and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). In addition, Regina enjoys treating post surgical conditions, especially those involving the shoulder, knee or hip. Over the years, she has found the most successful rehabilitation out come is one that combines manual therapy, problem specific exercises and education. This provides the individual with the tools to manage their concerns independently. Over the years, Regina had completed numerous continuing education courses with most recent being certification in kinesio-taping, IASTM and advances in TMJ management. Regina is married with three children and enjoys spending time out doors walking, hiking and biking as well as spinning, reading and cooking.

Lisa Odabachian PT, RN, WCS, PRPC, CMCP
Physical Therapist

Lisa is both a pelvic floor physical therapist and a nurse and has been helping women and men with pelvic health dysfunctions to improve their pelvic health for 20 years. She is a board-certified clinical specialist in women’s health physical therapy, is certified in pelvic rehab, and has certificates in sexuality counseling and massage cupping. In her free time, Lisa enjoys hiking, biking and trying new restaurants with friends and family.

Rose Sicilia PT
Physical Therapist

My first experience with Physical Therapy was while I was a student at MSU and volunteered at the Physical Therapy Clinic on campus. I loved it and knew this was the career path I would pursue. I achieved a Physical Therapy degree from Oakland University and started my career at Providence Hospital. Here I found a deep interest in orthopedics. This interest led me to North Woodward Rehabilitation where I could continue my orthopedic pursuit. In my 20 plus years at North Woodward I have seen a multitude of patients with a variety of diagnoses. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and getting to know all these people. Areas of interest have included General Orthopedics of spine and extremities, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome of adults and adolescents and Geriatric Rehabilitation. Over the years I have taken a large variety of continuing education classes with recent concentration on all aspects of Senior Health and Rehabilitation with the goal of helping our seniors have a more active, safe and independent life. Individual, quality patient care by the same physical therapist each visit is a priority at North Woodward Rehab. Combining that philosophy with a caring and friendly staff make NWRS a wonderful place to work!

Erin Aube LMT
Massage Therapist

Erin is a graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute. She has experience in Swedish massage techniques, sports massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage. Through her experiences and training she has developed a broad range of techniques to support her client’s health needs. She promotes the body’s natural healing processes and her client’s goals by using an individualized treatment approach with emphasis on overall wellbeing, pain relief, and muscular balance. Erin is comfortable working with a wide array of client needs and possesses the knowledge and focus that is needed to help clients with many different physical ailments. She has had experience helping clients through injury recovery and with chronic issues, including TBI and spinal injuries, chronic pain, neuromuscular diseases, and even emotional manifestations of pain in the body. She also offers infant massage classes for new parents one on one or in a class setting and is and trained and certified infant massage instructor by Infant Massage USA the gold standard of training for this type of massage instruction. Erin is an avid rock climber, world traveler and artist. She loves to live an active lifestyle with her family and brings compassion, creative thinking, endurance and patience to each massage session.

Michael Piper LMT
Massage Therapist/Personal Trainer

Michael Piper has been in the fitness industry for 20+ years and a licensed massage therapist for 6 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science. He is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA). Michael is licensed as a massage therapist by the state of Michigan specializing in Orthopedic, Therapeutic and Structural modalities. After leaving the corporate world, Michael went into the fitness industry full time as a spinning and group fitness instructor as well as a personal trainer then a few years later attending massage school. He now works with a wide range of individuals of varying ages and physical abilities; all who want to live a healthier, physically active, pain-free lifestyle. Michael designs fitness programs specific to the individual including core, strength, flexibility, and cardio training to increase the individual’s overall fitness. He also structures his therapeutic massage sessions based on initial consultations and structural analysis of the client. Michael received certificates in senior fitness program, fitness coaching and TRX Suspension training as well as many structural and orthopedic massage trainings.

Kelly Robertson
Office Manager
Susie Woodman
Front Desk/Office